The Right Car

Your insurance savings potential begins from the moment you choose your car. The better-looking your prospect car and the cooler its feature is the higher insurance premium it brings. Choosing over lists of late car models could devastate your budget and drastically burn your money. Also, be extra careful in which car you would pick. It is better avoid cars like GMC Yukon, Chevy Avalanche, Cadillac Escalade, and Dodge Charger for these cars are most stolen vehicles in US today. I’m sure you would want to stay away from these often stolen vehicles. Car insurers are paying close attention on news about car theft and damage reports.

Less Driving

Did you know that many insurance companies offer cheap car insurance quotes to drivers who limit their mileage? Occasional driving gets a little chance of having a car accident. These makes sense to car insurance companies that’s why they lessen the premium cost of drivers who don’t drive more often. By simply consolidating your trips I’m pretty sure you could save hundred bucks every year!

Comparison Shopping

You don’t need check or change your insurance every month for you to get the best deals, but checking annually or semi-annually is rational. You need to research in order to find the best insurance quotes for your car. Of course, it is not heaven sent and would not appear in front of you by accident. There are many credible insurance companies can be accessed through online surfing and browsing. If you’re keen enough to look over car insurance dealers, then you could save money by simply comparing their premiums.

Don’t Put Inessential Aftermarkets

Another great aspect in the price of your insurance premium is the potential upkeeps. You will be paying a larger premium if you have added and installed extra tail lights, neon lights and chrome into your car. Although it might make your car look prettier and more attractive, keep in mind if they are worth the additional cost in insurance, especially if you took the vehicle through a financing option. Maybe, if you really wanted to embellish your car, you should wait until you are done paying for it.

Credit Rating

You might wonder how your credit evaluation affects you in getting cheap auto insurance.  It should also be an important note to you that insurance companies cannot refuse to insure you because you don’t have enough credit history for a record.  Just for you to be aware of, insurance companies would investigate your credit reports without your consent. They will be using the information they have gathered to calculate your annual or semi-annual premium costs. They do stuffs like these because they will be checking on people with reliable financial records for they are less likely to make claims.

If I were to say, there are tons of ways on how to save money when getting your insurance premiums. These 5 technical guides might somehow help you on your search for auto insurance. In addition, you may also gain discounts by signing organizational membership to car insurance companies or getting bundled services like home and life insurance instead of buying health insurance online.

If you have already years of experience being a driver, it means that it is not your first time to look for car insurance. The reason you are reading this article is probably because you are unsatisfied with your current insurance company probably due to their disappointing customer support or their premiums that are becoming too expensive. The information here is knowledge you need to apply for car insurance:


This is the policy which offers coverage over damages due to collisions. This is the most important (and expensive) part of car insurance.

This policy covers the medical bills, lost wages, and a compensation for pain and suffering of the other party in the event that you caused the accident. Besides these, it also covers for the property damage to your automobile, and the court costs.

Not every state requires car owners to subscribe to this policy, but even in the 3 states where it is not required, most owners still avail of it—illustrating that subscribing to this policy is worth the money.

3.] Comprehensive
This policy covers over damages that are not due to collisions. If you live in a place often visited by tornadoes, subscribing to this policy would be worth it ‘cause in the event that you lose your house, it would be nearly impossible to also pay for the damages on your car.

4.] PIP (Personal Injury Protection)
This policy covers your medical costs in case of an accident, regardless of who’s fault it is. Subscribing to this policy is a requirement in most states.

5.] UM/UIM (Uninsured Motorist/ Under Insured Motorists)
This policy protects you in the event that the other party has insufficient or no insurance at all. Since it is a requirement for everyone to be covered by cheap car insurance quotes, chances of making use of this policy are very small and thus, it would be better to unsubscribe from this policy.

6.] Rental Reimbursements
This policy will provide the costs of renting a car during the time that your own car is under repair.

All states have varying requirements but the information above would be relevant to all states. It is recommended that you stay well above the required minimums as these are sometimes not enough to cover all the expenses of a serious accident, may it be due to collisions or not.

In order to afford cheap auto insurance, you need to know how you can lower the costs. Some of the ways would be to maintain a clean driving record, choosing an insurance-friendly car, making sure that the place where you park your car is secure, and installing anti-theft devices.

In addition to these, you could also use the services of Insurance Comparison Websites. These websites have dedicated themselves to finding all information of car insurance quotes from multiple car insurance companies. All you need to provide is some personal information and the type of insurance you desire. After giving this information to them, they would be able to come up with a personalized quote from several companies. Your only task then is to decide which policy you’d like to avail of.

Everyone is obliged to have car insurance, but not everyone knows how to obtain the most optimum insurance policy. There are certain things that insurance companies would not want you to know because it forces them to lower their premiums. Here are a few of these facts that will force them to lower their premiums, don’t share them to others!

Fact 1 || Opt for a High Deductible

If you start looking for car insurance quotes that have very high deductibles, you’ll surely find one that offers the lowest rate. Before immediately going for that insurance policy, be sure that you are able to afford the recovery of an accident in case something does inevitably goes wrong. When filing a claim, be certain beforehand that you are able to afford the necessary contributions. If you aren’t, don’t file a claim; it is foolish to grant yourself a quick money bonus today, and make up for the damage tomorrow. Finding the highest deductible equates to big time savings; but you have to remember that it has just limited and basic coverage.

Fact 2 || Purchase a Car that is Insurance-Friendly

A cool-looking sports car may appear quite chic, but remember that you’ll need a lot of money to maintain it, not just physically but also regarding the insurance. Driving a family sedan is not that elegant, but you’ll be able to save huge amounts of hard-earned dollars! When buying your next car, give attention to its replacement cost, safety rating, and theft rate. The costlier your car, the pricy your insurance will be.

Fact 3 || Become a Certified Defensive Driver

Simply enrolling in a safe driving program will already impact your insurance rates. Chances of getting cheap auto insurances online are much higher when you have become a Certified Defensive Driver. Not only is it beneficial if you have a problem with your driving history, but it’ll also give the insurance company the impression that you are working on improving your driving manners which will result to special discounts.

Fact 4 || Insure as much as you can to the same Insurance Company

The company will appreciate it if you are their loyal customer. The more of your business you include in your coverage the less your premium will become. Insuring several cars to the same company will instantly give you a 10% discount. When inquiring for an estimated quote, be sure to inform them that you intend to insure several cars so that they can adjust the price, accordingly. If you don’t have multiple cars, you could also insure other parts of your life such as your home and properties in order to avail from the same discount.

Fact 5 || Consider Everything before Deciding

One of the best ways to find cheap  auto insurance is online. It’ll give you a general overview of all the possibilities. Do not just take note of the prices quoted, but also the policies that are included in it. Some policies would cover areas of your life that may be a good idea to insure, too. It is quick and convenient to find everything you need online, but be sure of its validity before deciding which to subscribe to.


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